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We know that physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, heart of the kid and hands of the artist, so only the experts teach you here!

Courses Offered

The degree in Physiotherapy programme from us witness an eclectic blend of subject modules which encompasses the concepts of physiotherapy, research and clinical practice. At our campus, we nourish the clinical aspirants to have a concentrated focus on professional and scientific learning skills.
7-Fitness Planning


To Impart Outstanding Physiotherapy Education and evolve professionals with leadership qualities in academic and clinical practise.


We have faculty members with great skills to guide our students with the path to become the best physiotherapist.

3-Smart Watch


To create physiotherapists who are knowledgeable, self-assured, adaptable, reflective, humanistic, and service-oriented.


With stunning infrastructure, we create a perfect mindset for the students to live, both inside and outside the campus.

Electrotherapy Lab

The Electrotherapy Department cum Out-patient department is also equipped with all necessary physiotherapy equipment for teaching and training purposes and for treating patients in the OPD.

Exercise therapy Lab

The Exercise Therapy Department is equipped with all the modern equipment and the latest equipment necessary for the students to educate and train themselves in the field of physiotherapy. The department is equipped with equipment Like

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